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Does a Dog Bite Lawyer Help You In Getting the Claim?

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Do you know a harsh fact?

Well, research has shown that less than 1% of canine bite sufferers actually get compensated.

Pets bite at least 4.7 million Americans each year, and insurance companies pay compensation just to 15,000 to 16,000 victims. According to InsuranceQuotes.com, “Despite house insurance protection, many dog bites go unreported and unremunerated,” So without an attorney, the victim has a very little chance of getting justice.

Insurance Claims by Dog Bite Lawyer

An insurance coverage insurer will pay the sufferer 10% to 20% of what he would use if the target had an attorney. The insurance company itself will undoubtedly end up keeping the various other 80% to 90%. Given that a legal representative works on a backup basis and takes only 33%, a victim who has a lawyer will get 66%– even more than the 10% to 20% that he could obtain for himself.

Cases On Contingency Basis

“Contingency basis” indicates that the lawyer will certainly not ask the victim to pay for anything if there is no recovery made. Earning money will undoubtedly be contingent on recouping cash for the target. If nothing is recovered from the insurance company, the sufferer will owe absolutely nothing. He will not need to pay the dog bite lawyer a charge and will not need to pay off the lawyer for his expenses.

A person who tries to go after a canine bite case places himself or herself in the setting of the prosecutor. That excites resentment unnecessarily. All too often, a target will make allegations that are unnecessary under the regulation. Nonetheless, a target always can comment with a lawyer, “it was the lawyer who stated that, not me.” who can deflect criticism easily.

How Does Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer Help You?

  • Years of experience

If you or someone you care about has been bitten by a dog, it is critical that you hire an experienced lawyer. Because the laws governing dog bites are complex, you will need legal help from someone who will compile and prepare all documentation, evidence, and testimonies on your behalf.

  • Negotiation skills that are exceptional

Many people avoid having disputes in court, so you’ll need a dog bite lawyer with excellent negotiating skills. Only the most dedicated, brave, and persistent attorneys can fight your dog bite injury case tenaciously from start to finish, without faltering.

Your dog bite lawyer has the necessary negotiating skills to persuade insurance companies that you are entitled to a reasonable settlement. Any amount thrown as compensation will not be accepted by an experienced attorney. He will assist you in receiving the fair compensation that you are entitled to, and this is where his negotiating skills will come into play.

A professional attorney is your best bet if you lack the patience, time, or experience to deal with dog bite injuries.

  • Dog Bite Lawyers Have Many Resources on their disposal

You have a full legal team to decide your case when you consult with a dog bite lawyer for personal injury. You’ll need a lead lawyer, a paralegal professional for research and background work, and investigators to gather crucial proof or evidence. After a dog bite injury, an entire team assists you in fighting the case and receiving fair compensation.


Consult a reputable dog bite lawyer to help you fight for compensation for the pain, injury, and discomfort you’ve suffered. Obtain only compensation for your physical injuries and emotional distress.

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